8 Most Common Hospital Billing Errors

Bankrate.com reports that the 8 Most Common Hospital Billing Errors and how to combat them:

  1. Duplicate billing:
    Make sure you haven't been charged twice for the same service, supplies or medications.
  2. Number of days in hospital:
    Check the dates of your admission and discharge. Were you charged for the discharge day? Most hospitals will charge for admission day, but not for day of discharge.
  3. Incorrect room charges:
    If you were in a semi-private room, make sure you're not being charged for a private.
  4. Operating-room time:
    It's not uncommon for hospitals to bill for more time than you actually used. Compare the charge with your anesthesiologist's records.
  5. Up coding:
    Hospitals often shift the charge for a lower-cost service or medication to one that's more costly. For example, a doctor orders a generic drug, but the patient is charged for a pricier brand name.
  6. Keystroke error:
    A computer operator accidentally hits the wrong key on a keyboard. It can cost you hundreds of dollars and result in an incorrect charge for a service you didn't get.
  7. Canceled work:
    Your physician ordered an expensive test and then canceled it, but you were charged anyway.
  8. Services never rendered:
    Did you get every service, treatment and medication for which you are being billed? Here's where your log will come in handy.